Copy Center Communication

Dear District Print Copy Users:

***You will receive 2,000 print copies at the beginning of each month. 

Requesting More Copies

If you run out of copies before the end of the month, and all other options to print/copy have been exhausted, open a HelpTicket.  Requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 

If your balance is low or zero, ask a colleague if you can use their badge to make copies before requesting more copies 

Using a Local Printer

When you copy or print to a local printer, every page reduces your monthly allotment balance by one.

To print to a local printer from your computer, do the following:

Select FilePrintDarien_Secure_Print on papercut.  Then, go to any copier in the building, log in using your badge, and select Print Release to release the print job.

Select Email to send an electronic version of the document to your Outlook account.  This option will not count against your monthly allotment.

Using the Copy Center

When you submit a print job to the Copy Center, it will not count against your monthly allotment. 

To send a print job to the Copy Center, do one of the following:

* From any Copier in the Building: Select Scan to Darien Print Shop, scan pages you want to send to the Copy Center, and select print options as needed.

* From Your Desktop:  

oClick the Darien Print Shop icon

oYour username is the first initial of your first name and last name+DPS (for example, ‘Joe Smith” would be “jsmith”)

oYour password is the password you use to log into the network

oChoose a product:  Either Document or Google Docs Document

oClick Start Order

oOn the New Document window:

Attach File or drag a file from your computer (to remove a file, hover your mouse over the filename and click Delete)

In the Title box, enter a title [for the print job]

Enter Copies amount

Pages – click the up/down arrow buttons to indicate the total number of color or black & White copies (see sample below):

·Make the following selections as needed:

oPaper stock

oSingle or double sided



oHole punching

oDelivery & Instructions

oDue date

oAdditional instructions (if applicable)

oClick Submit when you are finished

Important reminders:

·There is a 36–48 hour turnaround time from when the time you submit a print job until you receive the copies so please plan in advance

·DO NOT call or email the Copy Center to check on the status of a print job

·DO NOT send print jobs to the Copy Center if there are 5 or fewer sheets/pages

·EMAIL the Copy Center if your print job needs to cancel or make changes

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Creation date: 4/4/2023 2:01 PM      Updated: 4/18/2023 1:19 PM