Hooking up home printer to a Chromebook

Hooking up a home printer to a Chromebook

Chromebooks are designed to be paperless devices. The Darien School District does not support printers for Chromebooks. However, given the current climate, we will provide guidance on connecting a printer to a Chromebook.

Foremost, not every printer is compatible with Google Chrome Operating System.  Click here to see what printer is compatible:


If your printer is compatible, you have 3 options:

  1. USB Cable - Plug the cable into the back of the printer and then plug it into the Chromebook. Follow the instructions that appear for that printer.

  1. If you have a wireless HP Printer - go to the chrome web store and do a search for HP PRINT FOR CHROME.  When the page loads, click on ADD TO CHROME.  After it installs a box will appear, click the box then click START.  A page will load, click ADD PRINTERS BY IP ADDRESS, then click ADD PRINTER, click in a printer name, and give it a name.  Then click on the IP address and type the IP ADDRESS of your wireless printer. Next, click on the arrow in the upper left-hand corner.  Please try to print now.

  1. Google cloud print - Go to https://www.google.com/cloudprint and click on “add a cloud-ready printer”

We advise that if you have issues connecting the printer, please contact the printer manufacturer directly.

Creation date: 9/8/2022 10:34 AM      Updated: 9/8/2022 10:34 AM